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Rockstars as Brands

With the tune "Lifeline" (now released) for the first time every single aspect a song has been made public online during the process and Imogen has been able to create a stronger relation with her followers.

A good example of how to co-create with consumers/fans is represented by the music artist Imogen Heap. The British singer, composer and songwriter in March 2011 involved her community in the co-creation of the first song of her new album.

Sounds and words were uploaded online by fans so that everybody was able to comment and rate them. People are interested in the process as much as in the result, so the singer everyday gave an online appointment to share her updates, new ideas and what she has been working on, giving the possibility to chat with her in real time.
This idea brought the community to generate many great discussions and ideas THROUGHOUT the creation of the song.
People´s participation has been filtered by the artist so that the quality of the final result was assured, but the "seeds", as she calls them, were proposed by fans.

More and more frequently progressive companies and brands are tightening two-way collaborative relationships with their customers, by asking them to participate in shaping new concepts. More than ever before people are informed, pretend to have what they want and are eager to collaborate in order to get it.

Innovative companies see this as an opportunity of better engagement rather than a thread to be feared. Besides the idea of giving more power to the people is quite exciting for consumers and at the same time it simplifies the job of a company by generating precious insights almost for free.

When dealing with people, emotions, feelings and belongings always matter and under this aspect rockstars can be considered very close to brands: they both have a personality and own values which attract people and define them as different from competitors.

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