Brand Resonance

Brand relevance in the life-culture of consumers

The Challenge

Our world is full of things and brands that have no real meaning to people. The Havas study has for years now pointed out the sobering fact that nobody would care if some 75% of brands simply disappeared.

We believe that what it now needed more than ever is a capability to build up relevance. To really reach people through a brand culture, narratives and brand behavior that creates lasting relationships between people and brands.
We collaborate with cultural researchers and ethnographers and draw upon the disciplines of behavioral science and applied semiotics to gain an understanding of what codes and narratives truly inspire, move and captivate people, or will likely do so in the future.

OBJECTIVE # 1: Sharpen brand positioning

In order to strengthen brand positioning in a shifting market environment we employ behavioral science and semiotics to identify the dominant and emerging territories. This enables us to present to you a comprehensive overview of the narrative and codes and the positioning of your own brands and your competitors’ brands both within and outside their category.

The questions we answer for you:

The category environment:

  • Which narrative and visual codes exist within the category?
  • Which are gaining in relevance? What can we learn from competitors outside the category?
  • Where do growth areas and opportunities lie for the current brand portfolio, and for innovations?

Brand positioning:

  • What territory does your brand occupy, and how are your competitors positioning themselves?
  • Are current communications, packaging and POS presentation suitable for the desired positioning?
  • How can the brand be made more relevant, in narratives and codes?

OBJECTIVE # 2: Create behavior incentives

We conduct online and offline ethnography to study the behavior of your customers and target groups and uncover hidden patterns in their beliefs, goals or intentions in different situations. The in-depth insights gained into your brands and portfolio make it possible to manage the portfolio strategically.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What beliefs or goals influence buying decisions by my customers?
  • What do consumers think about my brand, both explicitly and implicitly, and in what situations is my brand utilized?
  • How can I increase interaction—and above all heighten incentives to use and buy at the right moment?

OBJECTIVE # 3: Strengthen customer relationships

We recruit lead users and thought leaders from your category, making them your collaborators. Together we work out the details for your brand’s communications and interactions with the target group in the most relevant situations.

The questions we answer for you:

  • At what times during the day are customers receptive to the topic?
  • What are the relevant brand experiences in these situations that fit the lifestyle and the everyday culture
    of my consumers, and help them on their way?
  • How can I create strong interaction and resonance with the brand over the long term?
  • How do I integrate brand ambassadors into the brand culture (such as in innovation and communications)?