Together we strengthen your relevance in a changing cultural context

The companies that are the best bet for future success will be those able to ingeniously adapt their offerings to the behavior patterns exhibited by people as their consumer culture evolves.

Our lives have been revolutionized within the past decade through digitization, urbanization and globalization, bringing about tremendous changes in human behavior. Companies and brands have to gain a new understanding of and find a new way of approaching "culture" and people if they wish to create desirable futures for society and their own business.

Made for people?

We study and transform the behaviors of people, organizations and brands, remaining closely human-focused as we study both existing and new cultural narratives. Using the knowledge obtained we consult for companies on renewal strategies to increase market relevance, strengthen customer relationships and foster a vibrant organizational culture.

Business Innovation

Innovation opportunities for the markets of tomorrow.


Brand Resonance

Brand relevance in the life-culture of consumers.


Company Evolution

Transformation programs for meaningful corporate cultures.


Cultural research for new behaviors

The limits of traditional consumer and innovation research become apparent time and time again, because 95% OF ALL CONSUMER DECISIONS ARE MADE SUBCONSCIOUSLY. That is why we employ proven indirect-associative behavioral science methods, in which instead of interrogating we listen, observe, and experiment.

We take a contextual and multi-perspectival approach that enables us to dive deep into the latest consumer culture. In this approach we read emerging consumption patterns and play through market visions and social utopias within expert think tanks to make out what things are gaining relevance in the market.

We decode and map out emerging codes and narratives around a topic, brand, or specific category in order to ultimately inspire behavior and relationships between brands and their customers.

Ethnographically new behavior is explored in cooperation with lead users and researchers directly within the life and consumer context.

We employ these methods not only to research consumer culture but rather also, increasingly, to analyze corporate organizational cultures together with employees and leadership, both on and offline, of course.