Business Innovation

Innovation opportunities for the markets of tomorrow

The Challenge

How will our business have to change in the future? What influences will technology, the economy and society have on human behavior? And what will the implications be for companies and brands? How can we keep our vision and our business innovative for our future customers in a changing world?


Customer beliefs, motivations, goals and behaviors are changing as the cultural context shifts. We explore emerging ideologies in this new cultural climate (our ‘Future Mindsets’) as well as customer jobs that can deliver business success in tomorrow’s world.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What new consumer attitudes have emerged that will cause my market to change?
  • How will I have to position myself as a company to reach the customers in the future?
  • How can I recognize opportunities for innovation and transformation at the right time?


Market offers and demand change along with societal shifts. New technologies meet the emerging narrative of a better life. In our Think Tank we sketch out visions for society and the next generation, looking to identify for opportunities in your future market.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What market visions have potential and relevance for the customers of tomorrow?
  • What new markets should I seek to enter and become a player in to stay in business?
  • What vision of the future does my company need?


Working together with you, we develop your business vision for future positioning and your value proposition for the markets as they will be. This business vision provides direction and energy for your long-term corporate and innovation strategy.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What meaningful strategic opportunity fields are identifiable for the evolution of my business?
  • What new role might my company play in the new market?
  • What kind of vision is desirable for society as well?