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How will we live tomorrow?


To address the complex issues of our times, decision-makers need to study scenarios with boldness and creativity. The trait they need develop for this is the sense for possibilities.


Corporations were touting livable ultra-modern campuses as a kind of hub-and-spoke workplace hive. Now these complexes stand empty. And the trend is reversing as a new narrative arises: work must fit in with private life ... or else.


Europa Bendig about brands who have to demonstrate dynamism and transformation, answering the public’s question: if I go with you, who or what will I become?


Europa Bendig about how it takes more than innovative technologies to make sustainability a reality. It requires individuals, organizations and societies to change behaviors.


How can reducing consumption be compatible with creating shareholder value? Europa Bendig about the future of consumption.


5 questions for Ulrike Pfreundt on how the combination of technical development, art and science can counteract coral mortality.


Europa Bendig about the reason why it will be highly important over the next few years for managers to leverage new narratives and keep the 'campfires' going as the working world moves further toward and into our digital future.


Stories for a preferable future

What stories will be written this year? We can't tell the stories yet, but we know: We will all once again be co-authors of what we call the future. With our thoughts and imagination, we not only guide our own behavior, but also market and societal behavior quite decisively.

With this in mind, last year, our founder, Europa Bendig, drew up the new market and work narratives in ten articles for the absatzwirtschaft in her "Narrative Research" column and put their meaning into context. From this, a good picture has emerged of which narratives are currently being negotiated in social discourse and in which direction our culture is currently developing. From "Building Back Better: Narratives Make Markets" to the dependence on behavioral and contextual change to the "Sense Of Possibility," with future literacy as one of the first leadership tasks.

As a small New Year's welcome, we would like to give you the collected columns as a pdf.


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