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How will we live tomorrow?


Why can we imagine the craziest technological inventions, but are not able to imagine a scenario in which we simply consume less? A possible explanation: Our freedom gets in the way.


A clear majority of Germans today want less stress and more time with family and friends, but a narrative now prevalent discourages transformation: “A monster is in the house.”


Millennial loneliness is a phenomenon bound up with ideals of self-realization and competitiveness. Thus to address issues of loneliness, the usually taboo topic of failure must be put on the table for discussion as well.


Awareness of our regenerative needs is the starting point for a wiser, cyclical-restorative understanding of time that is of benefit both in and outside of economic life.


To address the complex issues of our times, decision-makers need to study scenarios with boldness and creativity. The trait they need develop for this is the sense for possibilities.


Corporations were touting livable ultra-modern campuses as a kind of hub-and-spoke workplace hive. Now these complexes stand empty. And the trend is reversing as a new narrative arises: work must fit in with private life ... or else.


Europa Bendig about brands who have to demonstrate dynamism and transformation, answering the public’s question: if I go with you, who or what will I become?


Europa Bendig about how it takes more than innovative technologies to make sustainability a reality. It requires individuals, organizations and societies to change behaviors.


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