Company Evolution

Transformation programs for meaningful corporate cultures

How can we re-charge our company with meaning for employees, customers and society and mobilize willingness to change so as to transform the enterprise and thus the brand from within?

The Challenge

The market and corporate context is constantly changing along with societal shifts and technological progress. To remain relevant, companies have to constantly adapt their positioning and business model for new market environments and new customers. At the same time, they require dedicated and enthusiastic employees who care a lot about working for that particular company.


To be fascinating, brands and companies have to have a relevant raison d'être—a reason for their existence or a ‘why’. This ‘why’ represents an inner compass, a shared emotional conviction that drives customers and employees to be part of a movement. The ‘why’ is the purpose for the enterprise or brand. We explore and conceptualize your business purpose in terms of the company’s talents and passions, the world’s needs, and the ‘jobs’ of future customers. This creates a narrative that infuses the company with new meaning, direction and energy for change.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What is my corporate/brand relevance in the changing consumer context?
  • How can I get management aligned to pursue this visionary path?
  • How can I get the company lined up behind our common mission and holistically activate my purpose?


Culture, as we all know, is stronger than any change strategy. Through business ethnography techniques we explore behaviors within the organization and then design the desired behavioral change for the organization. To do so, we develop Culture Change Programs which translate the company purpose into a shared mission and a motivating culture that permeates the entire enterprise.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What behaviors and codes shape our work culture?
  • How do we line up motivation to change behind the new purpose?
  • What cultural interventions do we need to make to start the transformation?


We outline the target mindsets, behaviors and beliefs necessary for leadership and employees to be aligned with the purpose and mission. These interaction principles serve as guidelines for renewed engagement within the company at critically important points for employees.

The questions we answer for you:

  • What are the relevant points for redesigning the employee lifecycle?
  • How can we recruit, develop and retain people as part of a New Working
    Mindset aligned with the new vision for our organization?
  • How can we set the company moving, getting the change process underway
    throughout the company and beyond?