Introducing STURM und DRANG*

STURM und DRANG is a strategy boutique for cultural change. We explore cultural changes, consulting for people, brands and businesses on developing renewal strategies for their offerings, customer relationships and corporate cultures.


People are cultural beings on a deep level. The context in which they exist influences their behaviors and decision-making. Understanding context and cultural change is the most important thing a business needs to do to place correct bets on future behaviors.


We explore human behaviors within changing cultural contexts, applying cultural research methods such as semiotics, to study shifting cultural codes, ethnography to examine human behavior and foresights to identify future opportunities.

Our strength lies in the way we combine these three cultural methods.


We are a essentially a think tank of researchers, strategists and designers. In partnership with international research communities and think tanks of experts and lead users we develop insights, strategies and concepts collaboratively with our clients.


We are proud of our team of specialists – interesting people all – who draw on their experience and down-to-earth human qualities to address questions in often unconventional ways:

Are you looking for a news opportunity?

We have the following job openings:
Senior Innovation Strategist (m/f/d)
Collaboration/Project Manager (m/f/d)

Europa Bendig

Innovations- und Markenstrategin.
Verhaltensforschung. Semiotik.
Innovation. Foresight. Architektin,
Gründerin und Managing Partner.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·10

Stefan Baumann

Unternehmens- und Markenvisionär.
Verhaltensforschung. Transformation.
Innovation. Foresight. Konsumpsychologe,
Gründer und Managing Partner.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·20

Anne Barbara Schubring

People und Operation Managerin.
New Work und Organisationsentwicklung.
Soziologin. Managing Director.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·30

Wiebke Eberhardt

New Business und Marketing Strategin.
Connection. Marketing. Communication.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·80

Inga Nandzik

Research und Transformation Strategin.
Semiotik. Foresight. Vision. Business- und
Markenstrategin. Kulturwissenschaftlerin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·50

Andrea Prantner

Administration Managerin.
Controlling und Culture Design.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·99

Judith Schmelz

Research Strategist.
Innovationsstrategie. Ethnographie.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·25

Marina Machauer

Research Strategist.
Innovationsstrategie. Corporate Research.
Foresight. Literaturwissenschaftlerin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·21

Betty Siegel

Associate Partner.
Strategin. Innovations- und Kulturforscherin.
China GoToMarket Expertin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·30

Stina Kozok

Research Strategist. Innovations-
und Markenstrategie. Foresight.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·33

Patrick Eberwein

Research Strategist. Innovationsstrategie.
Corporate Research. Foresight.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·75

Sonja Peinemann

Associate Partner.
Research & Transfomations Strategie.
Kreative Forschung, Beratung und Gestaltung.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·30

Gesche Boekhoff

Collaboration Managerin. Netzwerk Design.
Internationales Projektmanagement.
Kollaborationskultur. Kulturwissenschaftlerin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·66

Nora Pernesch

Collaboration Managerin. Agile Coaching.
Internationales Projektmanagement.
Kollaborationskultur. Soziologin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·35

Stefanie Parsons

Associate Partner.
Innovationsstrategie. Go-to-Market Exekution.
Internationale Insightsforscherin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·30

Kim-Kathrin Kunze

Collaboration Managerin. Quantitative
Marktforschung. Kollaborationskultur.
Internationales Projektmanagement.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·88

Julia Valentin

Collaboration Managerin. Experten-
und Lead User Vernetzung.
Internationales Projektmanagement.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·92

Nina Börnecke

Associate Partner
Insights- und Communityforscherin.
Foresights. Strategin.
+49 (40) 20 20 100·30

*A literary epoch seen as antidote to the foregoing Enlightenment, which was characterized by the triumph of dispassionate reason. Sturm und Drang was essentially an emotionally charged early youth movement whose adherents believed that the upheaval going on in the world at that time could no longer be explained by rationality, and celebrated the imagination, nature, idealism and the creative artistic spirit of genius as the values that could propel positive change.

And we still believe in these same values in today's age of big data, granularization and global digitization, for while we know better than ever how many people may be doing a certain thing, we know little more about why.