Cultural Research

Human Strategies for Changing Cultures

Societal change requires companies, brands and markets to undergo continuous cultural evolution. Culture is man-made, even in the digital age. Thus every transformation begins with people.

STURM und DRANG conducts research into longings, behaviors and culture within our constantly changing world on the levels of living, working and consumerism and develops renewal strategies based on the insights obtained for companies and brands that are effective for generating greater social and economic resonance.


People and brands who trust us


How will we live tomorrow?


Like we have all heard, ‘time is money’. But Hans Rusinek, a doctoral researcher in the field of labor and work, points out that time is in fact by far the more valuable of the two. What should our attitudes be regarding time?


Consumers want sustainable products. But they do not trust marketing promoting a product as sustainable. What can be done?


Why can we imagine the craziest technological inventions, but are not able to imagine a scenario in which we simply consume less? A possible explanation: Our freedom gets in the way.


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