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Human Strategies for Changing Cultures

Societal change requires companies, brands and markets to undergo continuous cultural evolution. Culture is man-made, even in the digital age. Thus every transformation begins with people.

STURM und DRANG conducts research into longings, behaviors and culture within our constantly changing world on the levels of living, working and consumerism and develops renewal strategies based on the insights obtained for companies and brands that are effective for generating greater social and economic resonance.


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Changing Cultures Magazine


Our article by Europa Bendig provides insights into our 'Protopia Playbook' and the innovative map of sustainable narratives. These tools are crucial for brands that want to credibly and effectively demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Discover how specific ESG-related statements can influence purchasing behavior and create real impact.


In our latest interview, Ritva Krist gives us a tantalizing glimpse into traceless®, where their mission to combat plastic pollution has led to groundbreaking sustainable material alternatives. Discover how this visionary company is not just challenging but changing the industry standards.


Dive into our latest piece, where we challenge the conventional wisdom on age-based marketing. Discover why the 50+ demographic is more than just a label and how nuanced insights into their lifestyles and values can revolutionize your marketing strategy.


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